2 in 1 Flat Mop, Automatic Pressure Bucket, Avoid Hand Washing, Floor Cleaner, Lazy Household Tool

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Folding Side Mop No Hand Wash, Flat Wood Floor Mop, Dust Mop, Household Cleaning, Folding Mop Tools 2020

Product selling point:

  • Convenient storage, save space, do not occupy the earth, reduce the multiplication of bacteria.

  • Suitable for: bedroom, wall, window, ceiling

  • Super fine fiber mop, it has a strong adsorption capacity.

  • Just slide the lever up and down to squeeze out water and dust easily. Besides, the mop can stand on its own to save space and keep the mop head dry

  • Ultra-fine cotton microfiber mop pad can effectively pick up dirt, dust, hair and debris and provide perfect floor care for hardwood, laminate or tile. This microfiber mop is washable and reusable, much more environmentally friendly and economical than disposable pads

  • The ultra slim design allows you to clean the floor everywhere without missing any corners. Perfect mop for cleaning floors, walls, windows, living room, ceiling and under furniture


  • Extension length: 128cm

  • Material: ABS

  • Dehydration rate: 90% -100%

  • Mop material: super fine fiber

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