Beauty Breeze Lighted Mirror

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Beauty Breeze Mirror with Fan & LED Light comes with a bonus 5X magnification detachable suction cup mirror, 20cm.

Enjoy a cool breeze as you start your day with this lighted mirror with a built-in fan for sweat-free makeup application.

6X magnification

Built-in Fan

LED light


1. Our Mirror is unique in that it was built on a powerful yet quiet triple fan that delivers a 360-degree gentle breeze to keep your skin fresh. Thus, it allows you to apply the mascara, base, blush and eyeliner without melting.
2. OUR Mirror offer has a balanced light ring of light daylight soft lighting, so get all the brightness you need, and the simple touch operation on your mirror allows you to choose light, fan or both.
3.It is not need batteries,because it is used by USB.

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