BOSE TWS2 Touch5.0 Binaural Call Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Headset TWS-2 Earbuds

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BOSS TWS2 Touch5.0 Binaural Call Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Headset TWS-2 Bluetooth Headset Earbuds


Easily pair your phone
The body is separated by any single ear and both ears
Can receive a type of storage box
Crazy won't get rid of listening to music device TWS-2 when running
1. Ear (TWS) connection: Press and hold the buttons of the two headphones for about 3 seconds at the same time, find a side light every few seconds, the headset is connected successfully.
2. Search for the TWS-2 Bluetooth device when Bluetooth is turned on.
3. After searching for the Bluetooth headset device, pair the connection.
Killing is done pairing.
The headset cannot be powered immediately. Do not turn the volume to maximum, otherwise the headset will be easily damaged. Do you want to know the correct way to turn off your headphones?
1. Drive the headphones from the volume of one-third of the normal listening intensity for 12 hours to 24 hours.
2. Drive the headset for 12 hours using two-thirds of the normal listening intensity.
3, use the normal listening intensity to drive the headset for 72 hours
4, use the normal listening intensity of three-quarters of the volume to drive the headset for 24 hours
5, enter the normal use stage
6, the volume is not easy to be too large in normal use, the maximum volume is 2/2
7. Please remove the headphones when you sleep, so as not to damage the headphones.
8, the above is some suggestions for downtime, everyone can lick their own love machine according to their own needs
Special Note:
1. Please use the headphones at a suitable volume to avoid damage to your hearing.
2. Do not pull the headphones to avoid damage.
3. Do not use headphones when driving a car or riding a bicycle to avoid traffic accidents.
4. Please use the earphone "L" on the left and the "R" on the right!
5. When you use a large volume, you are taking your headphones for adventure! If you hear loudness, hum or broken sound at high volume, it may damage the headset!
Headphone repair
Since the earphone unit is relatively dirty, its mesh cover portion has become the focus of protection. First, it must be cleaned and the unit parts should not be exposed to excessive dust.
2, the lines of the headphones are more delicate, so in the process of use should try to avoid tension, heavy pressure and other human damage.
3, the newly bought headphones try not to play CS games immediately. Because the various sound effects in CS are relatively irritating for new headphones with tight diaphragms. Therefore, you should first use the more soothing music to perform the corresponding "reward", and then slowly use it after entering the state.
It is relatively fragile whether or not there is a headset. It cannot withstand frequent beatings. What is more terrible than falling is that the headphones will not fall directly after falling from a height, but they are suspended by something. In the air, the damage to the earphone cable is greatest at the "pull" moment, so we must try to avoid this.

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