DIY Rope Bracelet Electric Hair Braiding Machine Fashion Design Tool Kit For Girls Age 6+ Toy

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  • New Fashion Hair Braiding Tool: This is a new fashionable hair braiding tool, create your own hairstyle with a few simple steps, fully automatically and conveniently, free of time wasting, energy loss, imaging product , good for boys, girls, women.
  • With this automatic hair braid tool, just 6 easy steps.Steps: 01 evenly separate with accessories, three strands of hair; 02 fix three equal hairs on the three hooks in front of the braid; 03 pull the hook on the long tube from below; 04 hair hook on the braid hook; 05 start switch, start braid; 06 Take the braided whip and tie the rubber band to the tail just fine.
  • Save time and money. This styling tool is very suitable for DIY use, save your time and money in the hair salon.
  • It works with 3 AA batteries (not included) that give you continuous power to turn your hair.
  • Perfect for women and girls.

Bead and braid in one quick motion.
Braid Hair Styler is a unique tool that makes elaborate styling easy. Count while braiding in one motion. Make a braid as an accent or make many stand out. Great for sleepovers, makeovers, and hairdos.
A magic braiding of hair - DIY your hairs freely.
The smart hair artifact hair braiding, easy to use with one hand.
Easy operation, make you different and wonderful hairstyles with this device, it can compose a variety of hair shapes.
The goddess and the family have the essentials of the daughter, a minute to get the fashionable hairstyle.
It is a new fashion hair braiding tool. Portable, you can do your hairstyles at home or anywhere. Create your own hairstyle with a few simple steps, fully automatically and conveniently, free you from wasting time, wasting energy, imaging product, never hesitate to have it. !
Note: We do not provide batteries. !
2. Make sure to style your hair straight without any mess first.
3. The product needs the correct amount of hair to effectively hold the hair. Take a strand about 1.2-2 inches wide between your index and middle fingers.
4. The product is the DIY manual, there must be a certain technology that can produce better results.
5. It is recommended that children accompanied by parents when wearing braider. Bead and braid in one quick motion.

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