Electric Heated Eyelash Curler Long Lasting Eyelashes Rechargeable

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Product Description


1. Fast Heating: This heated eyelash curler features a variety of temperature control options, a 10 second quick warm up, and your lashes becomes soft! Heated curlers will not burn, pinch, or cause any discomfort!
2. Long Lasting: The electric eyelash curler is ergonomically designed and has a novel heating function to ensure a long lasting lifting effect, making your eyelashes look more curled.
3. Portable: Our lash curling tool is not only safe and comfortable, but also very small and easy to carry. It fits easily into your beauty bag, vanity case or travel case, so you can enjoy perfect modern makeup anytime, anywhere!
4. Rechargeable: The heated lash curling tool is cable powered, allowing you to charge the curler directly from a wall adapter or other device, it is very convenient.
5. Must Have Tool: If you are tired of curling lashes or thick mascara, heated eyelash curlers are a safe and comfortable solution to curl your lashes and you will be satisfied.


Item Type: Lash curling tool
Material: ABS
Product Color: White
Battery Type: Lithium battery(built in)
Battery Capacity: 230mAh
Power Supply Mode: USB charging

How to Use:

1. Press and hold the power button for 1.5 s to start preheating (about 30s), the low temperature setting is green, and the high temperature setting is blue.
2. Roll the eyelashes from bottom to top and press the bottom of the eyelashes for 8-15 seconds.
3. After pressing the bottom of the eyelashes, slowly move the handle more than 90 degrees.
4. Lift the eyelash curler and gently loosen the eyelash curler.
5. Use mascara after use, the effect is better.
6. When you turn on the power, if the indicator light is red, please connect the charging cable to charge (the indicator light is red when charging, and the indicator light is green when charging is complete). Once charged, it can be used for about 10 days if it is used for 5 minutes.

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