Microfiber Telescopic Cleaning Broom, Removable And Washable Dust Cleaner, Flexible Cleaning Brush

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  • The stretchy dust brush features a thin and flat pp head, durable and folded, and can be easily extended to corners, small gaps and places that are difficult or impossible to clean normally
  • The bedside dust brush is made of aluminum alloy rod and microfiber dust cover, which is strong resistant and wear-resistant, not easy to damage and can be reused
  • The fiber head of the Gap dust cleaning brush covers a surface, can be freely deformed and can be adjusted according to real needs, which facilitates cleanliness
  • The retractable gap dust cleaning artifact can clean the bottom of the bed, sofa spaces, air conditioners, ceilings, floors, shower rooms, tiles, carpets, interior design, countertops, sinks, bathtubs and stoves, etc.
  • The long brush head of the reusable gap cleaning tools is detachable, with strong electrostatic adsorption capacity, firmly adsorbing fine dust and hair

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