Multi Purpose Large Student Desk, Portable Children Activity Table, Indoor & Outdoor Multifunctional Activity Tray for Kids

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Stackable design allows for convenient storage when not in use. Available in white, blue and dust pink rose colours.

Made in turkey

** Strong carrying capacity. Children can sit on chairs without swinging, place their objects on a sturdy table, and turn their creativity into reality.

** This is a very convenient and simple desk that allows your kids to move easily and is a cute desk that is ready to use.

** Large Lap Tray can be used for many things: eating, drawing, playing, making crafts and more.


** Multi-purpose Large Lap Tray has a large work surface with three convenient side pockets to hold paper, writing or craft supplies, magazines, books and more. Great for homework.

** The perfect size table for colouring while seated on the floor for kids. Lap Tray is made with sturdy plastic construction and washable surface.

** The tray measures about 23" W x 12" D x 8" H.





This multi-purpose table can be used as a laptop, study and dining table on the sofa, bed and floor.

Easy to use and practical.

Easy to clean.

Side pockets to store and keep items close to hand.

Care Instructions: wipe with a clean soft cloth.

Available in 3 assorted colours.

Can be used as a food tray, work station, hobby surface or bed tray.

The Multi-Purpose Large Lap Tray is made of durable polypropylene.

Dimensions: 53cm (W) x 30cm (D) x 21cm (H).

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