Multifunctional Folding Laptop Table Stand for bed, sofa and office

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Multifunctional Folding Laptop Table Stand for bed and sofa

Portable Folding Notebook or Laptop stand in office


Features:   Adjustable aluminum laptop table
 ✔This lightweight flexible design desk allows you to carry your laptop, monitor, book and other small necessary items anywhere you go.

✔It can save a lot space and keep your living or working room neat and organized.

✔This laptop tray table is the perfect choice for you! You can adjust this desk to any position or angle that makes you feel comfortable when you want to relax on bed or sit on couch.

✔It's really amazing to adjust your workstation to an angle and height that makes you feel 100% comfortable at home. It can effectively reduce back stress and neck pain! Just use it in any way you want.

✔You will save a large sum of money with this table. Because this ergonomic table can also be used as a TV dinner or breakfast tray, sound equipment, projector, notebook standing desks, book tray, writing desk, tablet holder, and other then laptop stand. 

Specifications: Laptop desk  
☛Color: Black
☛Folding size: 42*27cm
☛Maximum height:48cm
☛Laptop suitable:17' and smaller size


With increasing number of cases of neck and shoulder pain due to sitting infront of the computer for long hours, it is extremely important to get your screen to be aligned with your eyes whether in your office or at home

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