Rack Screen TV Organizer Top Storage Rack Operation Home Storage Computer Office Multi Organizer

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1. No need to drill holes, easy to use

2. Save space and make that clean your table

3. Put the rack upside down, it can be used as a mobile phone stand, the angle of inclination can be adjusted

4. The bearing is stable and strong


1. Shelves where canned mobile phones, tv computers and small


2. Black and white electric time control valve stylish


3. The product is durable, stable and not easy to hurt people

4. Suitable as gift for family lovers friends

5. Made of pollution to reduce environmentally

friendly material

6. Lifting point design increases friction and prevents items from slipping

Size: Small: 215*113mm
color: black/white
material: ABS

Inside the packaging includes:

1* Top shelf of TV screen sucker

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