Set of 164pcs Cake Decorating Supplies Kit

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Set of 164pcs Cake Decorating Supplies Kit

• Covers the necessary tools when making cakes.
• Whether you are a skilled baker or a beginner who is just beginning to learn how to make cakes, this baking tools can perfectly help you complete your cake making, making your cake look good and delicious
• All tools of our cake decorating supplies are made of food grade ABS and stainless steel, BPA free and non-toxic, eco-friendly.
• Cake turntable is non-slip, smooth and easy to clean, dishwasher safe.
• Piping nozzles is not rusty so durable for long using.
• Use 3 scrapers to smooth on sides and top and carve designs while rotating cake turntable.
• Pastry bags are filled with different colors cream and installed with icing piping nozzles to decorate your cake.
• Cake pen helps you writing and decorating as easy as you doing with normal pen.
• Use flower nail with petal tip to produce roses.
• Use flower lifter scissor to shift flower from nail to cake
• Not only provide a variety of decorating tips for professionals but this complete cake decorating equipments brings learning fun for beginners.
• Gift box packaging is ideal for gift to others.
• Decorating with friends, kids and loved ones to make special delicious fondant cake or cupcakes in free time!

1. 1 x Smooth revolving turntable: 11"/28cm wide, rotating 360°
2. 48 x Professional Icing tips, stainless steel, multi tpyes, easy to use
3. 1 x Straight spatula, 10.6"/27cm, used to shift and spread icing evenly. Smooth sides of cakes
4. 1 x Angled spatula, 10.6"/27cm, used to smooth frosting or icing on the cake
5. 3 x Cake scrappers, used to shift, smooth and level the icing
6. 1 x Tip Coupler, for icing tips
7. 1 x Decorating pen, filled with icing, apply like normal pen to decorate
8. 2 x Flower nails
9. 1 x Flower lifter scissor
10. 2 x Silicon Reusable Pastry Bags, 12"/30cm
11. 100 x Disposable Icing bags, enough
12. 1 x Cleaning brush, easy to clean the narrow top of icing nozzle

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