Special base for washing machine and refrigerator

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Application : suitable for placing heavy abject such as washing machine , refrigerator, sterilizing cabinet and air - conditioner Features : maintaining ventilation of the bottom of the objects , anti - moisture , anti - rust and easy to be moved and cleaned Material ; pa66 , rubber universal wheels , metal stainless steel Function : smooth and firm , adjustable dimension and convenience Movement Quality : ultra - strong rigidness , press resistance and anti - corrosion Height : 9cm maximum load : 200kg Unfold size : 660*660mm Minimum size : 435*435mm Direction for use : 1. : Cutting of the scale that is printed in packing box and measuring the distance between four bases at the bottom of the object 2. Pulling out equally four corners centered on red line and tightening the screw cap 3. Brake wheel stays in front side , which is convenient to be moved and fixed 4. Releasing brake devices when moving and clamping brake devices when tightening 5. The valid length of the product is 56X56CM . If the length surpasses the valid length , it wil influence the use quality

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