Kids New Toothbrush with U-Shaped Food Grade Silicone Brush Head, Manual Toothbrush Oral Cleaning for Kids

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About this article:

  • High-quality materials: made of food-grade silicone. Safe material, without special smell, the baby uses it healthier. The silicone brush head is resistant to high temperatures and can be disinfected in normal times.
  • Special U-shaped design: Different from the traditional toothbrush, we use a unique U-shaped head design to better fit the teeth. U-shaped design, fits more to the mouth, so that the baby can accept. The baby can brush his teeth while playing. 360° full cleaning brush head, allows proper cleaning of the teeth without twisting the wrist.
  • Healthier care: U-shaped brush head design, clean your baby's teeth at 360°. It is easier for the baby to clean the teeth. It can clean the teeth from all angles and make the oral cavity healthier. Effective teeth cleaning with fun characters to help relieve children from creating healthy habits for life.
  • Make the baby love to brush - it is easy to use. toothpaste and shake it in your mouth to clean your teeth. The brush head can be cleaned at all angles, so that brushing your teeth becomes a simple thing. Protect your children's delicate teeth and gums with the soft silicone brush head suitable for 2 to 6 years. Get your child used to brushing their teeth without risk of injury.

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