4 Persons High Quality Foldable Camping Camouflage Maple Leaf Tent Camp

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208*208*135cm for 4 person

• Trips out of town to nature with your family or friends, long hikes accompanied by adventures - all these things bring a lot of positive emotions to life and leave pleasant memories.
• In order for nature outings to be as comfortable and safe as possible, manufacturers of camping equipment have invented a lot of useful things.
• One of the most important is the tent.
• Tent tourist four-seater Stenson HY-1130 R17758 Camo (006027) will be suitable for a tourist campaign and simply rest on the nature.
• Vn has a single-layer structure, suitable for simple weather conditions.
• The frame of the tent is made of durable and lightweight fiberglass material.
• Made of waterproof and refractory polyester, the floor has a protective coating of polyethylene.
• Doors and windows are equipped with mosquito nets for protection against insects.
• All seams of the tent are glued and sealed.
• Tent R17758 will allow to survive bad weather, will give the chance to spend the night quietly, will save from various parasites and as a whole will create feeling of house cosiness.
• This is a great solution for a fun holiday in the company of friends or relatives.
• For convenience of storage and carrying in a set there is a bag-cover

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