Cloud Lounger Inflatable Bed Air Filled Balloon Laysack

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  • NO PUMP NEEDED! This Laysack inflates in 10 seconds without the need for a pump or wind! Simply take the lay bag out, open the first air mouth, run a few steps and quickly close it, then do the same with the second air section. Then quickly roll one side to close it with a clip! Done! Check out our "How To" video!
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT LAYSACK. Comes with a comfortable bag pack and pockets that you can easily take on your camping trip or hike, or to the beach. Enjoy a beautiful sunny day with your family and friends without hassles with this new laybag lounger!
  • DURABLE, MADE TO LAST. Made of the highest parachute-quality premium polyester cloth and PVC, which makes it super durable. It can bear up to 350 pounds, which means 2-3 people can comfortably fit on it. This is the last laybag you will ever need. Great alternative to Lamzac, Kaisr, LayBag, iLounge, Laybag Inflatable, SENQIAO, Banana Sleeping Bag and WooHoo.

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