Biscuit Maker Shaper Set Cake Cutter Decorating Cookie Press Pump Machine 20 Pcs Mould

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1. DIY biscuit makers - you can easily make different cookies and decorating cakes at home.
2. Easy to use - the removable structure is easy to load and clean, perfect for beginners and experienced professionals.
3. Interesting - with this cookie press, you will ignite a party in the kitchen, decorating the most beautiful cookies, and you will enjoy spending time with family or friends.
4. Uses: it can be used as a practical household kitchen utensil for 20 types of biscuits. It also provides four kinds of nozzles so that the biscuit machine can also make decorative cakes by hand!
Note: Some cookies can't be pressed down. That's because the dough is not doing well. It must be operated accurately. You need to contact us!
How to use:
1. When used as a biscuit machine, the handle is finished once, and the finished product can be used up to 20 pieces.
2. The mechanical control, the thickness of the finished product is accurate and consistent.

3. When using this tool, press and hold the handle front button, use the upper lever to operate and squeezing the amount is left to control.



Name: Household aluminum alloy cookie cutter
Material: aluminum + ABS
Style: convenient
Size: 21*15 cm
Weight: 406 grams including the box
Packing list:
20 *mould
1 * biscuit maker
4* nozzle

Package including:
20 X mould
1 X biscuit maker
4 X nozzle


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