Charcoal Electric Burner Hot Plate for Hookah Shisha

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Hookah Shisha Charcoal Electric Burner BBQ Charcoal Easy Starter Hot Plate ( Electric Shisha Coal Lighter 450 W Hookah Charcoal Starter)



  • Burn Shisha/BBQ coal in a simple and safe way.
  • Easy and safe Shisha coal starter.
  • No need for the use of flammable liquids, matches, newspaper and similar.
  • Long handle for easy and safe transport of burning charcoal.
  • Small device with a great power (450 W) Comes with EU Plug.
  • Imported from UK.

Electric Coal Lighter for Shisha

Now you can burn Shisha coal in a simple and safe way. With this
small but powerful device you don't have to use gasoline or other
flammable liquids anymore which are harmful to you and your
Turn on your new device for about 3-4 min and the Shisha coal
will burn. After burning, you can transport Shisha coal without
any problems to your hookah or water pipe thanks to a long

Power: 220-240v / 450W Material: Iron Steel, Thickness 0.7mm
Product Size: 14.5 * 14.5 * 16.8mm Cable: 1.2m


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