GEBE Cleansweep Carpet Sweeper For Home and Office Manual Triple Brush Action

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  • Picks up dirt in seconds
  • Suitable for dust, dirt and hair
  • Also comes under the furniture
  • Space-saving storage thanks to folding function

You no longer want to sweep everything under the carpet, but rather clean and maintain it? Then you should choose the GEBE carpet sweeper. Because this is really always at hand when you need it. You do not need an annoying power cable, but you can use the carpet sweeper from GEBE at the same time. In just a few seconds, the carpet sweeper picks up any dirt from your floors. Because even on smooth floors, the sweeper cleans reliably. This GEBE carpet sweeper is a great and especially handy aid for the household. Crumbs, dust, hair and even pet hair don't stand a chance. Without electricity, but very powerful and especially without noise, the GEBE carpet sweeper does its job and lets your floors shine in new cleanliness. The dust is not stirred up and therefore the sweeper is also ideal for allergy sufferers. Thanks to the ingenious construction of the cleaner, you can also easily sweep under the furniture. Simply empty the carpet sweeper without having to rely on expensive vacuum cleaner bags. If you no longer need the practical helper, you can store it to save space - the folding function makes this possible. Comes with metal housing, 3-piece handle and an additional cleaning comb. In this case, the robust handle is made of iron and in black. The green cover is also made of sturdy iron. In this case, reliable plastic was used for the black wheels and the toe.

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