GOURMETmaxx Hot Air Fryer with XL Basket | Hot Air Oven for Low Fat Frying 8in1

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  • Low fat – Our hot air fryer makes it possible to cook particularly low in fat and gently. With our oil free fryer you can achieve best results on chicken, fries, vegetables, potatoes or fish.
  • Easy to use – for maximum user comfort, the fryer has a temperature control and a simple timer function. Use it to make chips, chicken, fish or vegetables.
  • Easy to clean – the large basket insert with 2.5 litre capacity is particularly easy to clean. Dripping grease or oil is immediately collected and the basket can be removed after cooking. A hot air fryer cannot be cleaned easier.
  • Quick preparation – whether at the celebration for many people to prepare crispy chips and chicken nuggets or serve a low-fat fried fish for dinner, this powerful Gourmetmaxx Airfryer prepares your food quickly and reliably.
  • Technical data: capacity: 2.5 litres, power: 1,500 watts, cable
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