High Quality Car Universal Car Audio Cassette Tape Adapter for iPod MP3 CD DVD Player

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With this device, you can use a tape player in your car to become an audio receiver through a 3.5mm plug so you can plug this 3.5mm plug into your smartphone and playlist directly from your smartphone.

Features Tape cassette converter Your car 's cassette player may no longer be used because it is rarely sold on the market. No need to be diskouraged, because with this converter, you can convert this old audio player into an audio receiver through a 3.5mm plug. You can play the song directly from your smartphone.

Car Audio upgrade easy way Just using this device, you 've upgraded your car' s audio player to a novelty because you can play the song through your smartphone. No need to replace audio players for millions.

A long cable The 3.5mm cable reaches 75 cm so that you can freely use your smartphone despite being connected to this device.

Specifications of AutolLader car cassette Tape to 3.5mm - 6883 converter Connection 3.5Mm Frequency Response 30-20,000Hz Dimension 10X6.3X1.2Cm

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