HUANGER 4 In 1 Multi Functional Entertainer Baby Walker Dining Stroller, Game Car & Stead Or Walk-Behind Age 6m+

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  • 4 WHEEL WALKER WITH HANDLE-BAR : This 4-wheel walker with handle bar helps your baby to take the first steps steadily. A roller pusher is a great toy for kids, both when kids start to sit down and when they start learning to walk.
  • MULTI-ACTIVITY TOYS : The toy has three toys: a lollipop rattle, an apple with a hornpipe and a small cake, which has two function buttons. In addition, the panel has two rotating gears, which move by means of a crank and gear in the shape of an ice cream, which succumbs.
  • FUNCTIONAL CAKE WITH MUSIC AND LIGHT : The cake has two function buttons and three candles.The balloon shaped button activates 3 different sounds: baby laughter, applause and whistling.The flower-shaped button launches well-known melodies..When the sound comes out of the piano the candle lights in a different colour.
  • BACK STORAGE POCKET OR CONTAINER : At the back, there is a container with six coloured balls which can also be used to store various toys.
  • NON-SLIP WHEELS FOR EXTRA CHILD SAFETY: The walker has non-slip wheels to prevent the baby was falling or tumbling over.

This is a multi functional 4 wheel walker roller pusher which is a very useful toy for young babies when they start sitting or start learning to walk.This pusher has different toys i.e. lollipop rattle, an apple with a horn pipe and a cake. The cake has music and light. To activate these functions, two buttons are provided one in balloon shape and other in flower shape. When the sound of piano comes the three candles on cake lights in different colors. It also has a back pocket for storage purposes.

This table with different activities will cause your baby to play, to have fun, but especially to coordinate his movements much better. The table was designed with the smallest children in mind. The dimensions of the table are adapted to the children, so that they can reach each part of it. Cheerful songs and flashing lights invite them to a fun. When you detach your feet, the table will become an educational panel that can be mounted inside a crib! This educational table will stimulate creativity and intelligence in terms of shapes, colors, numbers and lines

Product Details : 

The toy has two rotating gears which move with a crank, gear in shape of ice cream which succumbs.The lollipop rattles and apple sounds horn through hornpipe. The cake has two buttons in the shape of balloon and flower. When the balloon shape button is pressed it gives three different sounds like baby laughter,applause and whistling. The flower shape button activates the melodies. When the sound of piano comes, candles light in different colors.


-Each part of the table has at least one educational activity related to the development
-Hearing through sounds and song
-Coordination of movements
-Visual: colors, shapes and etc.



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