Projection Lamp 6 Pattern Rotating Options Rechargeable Romantic Dream Projection Easy Operation Night Light

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Multinational  Projector Lamp - You can change the night light into a projector by removing the lampshade and replace it with a rotatable optional movie - with 6 optional pattern films, and six different lighting atmospheres on the wall or ceiling. These patterned films include: beautiful ocean, happy birthday, childlike Trojan, a deer good luck, cosmic starry sky and rose garden. You can watch the stars in the day and night, and you can easily enjoy the children's love.
Night Intimate Guardian - It is ideal for use in the bedroom, it projects light onto walls and ceilings, creating a relaxed atmosphere, a great night light for children who are afraid of darkness, especially before going to bed. There are three colors when you use it as night light: yellow blue and white. It relaxes your child's imagination by making them feel relaxed. White light mode night illumination, accompanying you to read for a short time.
Easy to operate - Three button-type operation functions, which are rotary switch, light switch and switch control, are easy to understand, and the child can also operate quickly; the product material is environmentally friendly ABS+PC, safe and guaranteed, very suitable for infants or children. Use in the bedroom.
Listen to songs and decompression - Comfortable and non-glare soft lighting with 360?, let your tiredness of working hard for a whole day, easily go to sleep, and meet the life with a fuller spirit the next day.
Best Gift -  This night light is the perfect gift for your child's bedroom. It is also ideal for decorating rooms with projection lighting, perfect for a romantic and inviting atmosphere.

Item name: Magic Multinational  Projector Lamp
Material: PC and ABS 
Color: Yellow Blue White
Power: 1W 
Size: 1200mAh
Packaging included: 
1*Magic Multinational  Projector Lamp 
6*optional pattern films
1*Instruction manual
  • Multinational Projector Lamp
  • Night Intimate Guardian
  • Best Gift

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