Sencor Food Dehydrator 9Trays SFD 1209WH Fruits, Vegetables And Meats Dryer

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Sencor SFD 1209WH

The classic Sencor SFD 1209WH fruit dryer contains 9 drying plates in the basic package. The 250 W heater ensures fast drying as standard. So if you like to go for mushrooms, you want your children to eat healthily, or you do not want to add frozen vegetables to soups, the solution for you may be a fruit dryer.

The Sencor SFD 1209WH fruit dryer is the easiest to use thanks to - just press one button and the dryer will do the rest for you. The transparent lid and sieves allow immediate visual control over the drying status. At the bottom of the dryer is a fan for even drying and achieving the best possible results. The number of floors that you can use for drying is above 9. All floors are round, their diameter is 33 centimeters. The dryer is also characterized by very quiet operation, where the noise does not exceed 20 dB. An overheating fuse is a matter of course.

Treat yourself to crosses made of apples, pears, kiwi or cherries, dry the meat for your animal friends, or store mushrooms for the winter. 


Food dryer
9 drying sieves as standard
Integrated fan
Drying sieves and lid can be washed in the dishwasher

Description SFD 1209WH
Food dryer suitable for preparing for example:
• dried fruits (crustaceans, plums, apricots, bananas, etc.)
• raisins
• dried vegetables to soups
• dried tomatoes
• dried herbs
• herbal teas (mint, linden blossom, chamomile, etc.)
• dried mushrooms for soups and dishes

• dried oranges for decoration
• dried pumpkin seeds
• dried petals for fragrant mixtures
• dried meat
• dried fish
9 drying nets as standard
Space saving when operating with a smaller number of sieves (possibly with one sieve)
Drying sieve diameter: 33 cm
Usable floor height: 1.3 cm
Integrated fan helps to dry evenly on all floors The
drying sieve grid design prevents mold and optimizes airflow
Transparent lid and sieves allow immediate visual inspection of the drying status
Drying sieves and lid can be washed in the dishwasher
Very quiet operation: noise 20 dB (A)
Backlit main switch with operation light
Thermal fuse against overheating
Power consumption: 250 W
Power cord length: 0, 8 m
Dimensions (width x depth x height): 330 x 334 x 260 mm
Weight: 3.24 kg
Voltage and frequency: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

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