Emergency Rechargeable LED Lamps Household Lighting Bulbs, Saving Energy Intelligent Light Bulb LED Smart Charge

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EMERGENCY USE: Auto light up when emergency power outage, power failure, hurricane emergency.
HUMAN INDUCTION LAMP: Just hold the bulb bottom base to light as flashlight.
SMART CHARGE BULB: Battery powered light bulbs that auto-charged when the light switch is turned on. Save to 80% over standard incandescent bulbs.
WIDE APPLICATION: Perfect for indoor and outdoor use for any area in the home, office, industry, showroom, corridor, hotel, hiking, fishing, camping, boating, etc.
When the power suddenly cut, black out or thundery sky cause the power outage, the emergency bulb will still lighting.
In usual, the emergency bulb work as the normal bulb, turn on or off by wall switch.
At the same time, the battery will charge till full, ready for the emergency situation happen.
Very low heat generating, besides saving light power, Energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
The battery can support working about 3-5 hours. (brightness will decrease automatically to lengthen working hours.)
Simply pull the handle up, you can turn this Magic Bulb into a hand-held flashlight.

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