Led Strip RGB Light with Bluetooth Mobile APP Control

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• 5 meters

• Long life
• Cuttable and linkable to your requirement
• Group control function
• Strong adhesive backing tape for secure and easy application to most surfaces
• Flexible ribbon for curving around bends

• Easy To Install and Use.
• Flexible ribbon with a powerful adhesive backside.

• Easily sticks to clean and flat surfaces.
• Control With Your Phone.

• Connect your lights to our app for even more fun and exciting functionalities.
• Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
• Sync To Your Music.
• Sync the lights to your music and allow colors to change with the beat.
• Perfect for parties!
• Voice Control.
• Turn your lights on and off, change colors and modes with simple voice commands.

• 16 Million Colors:
- Endless color combinations & tones with our app.
• 20 Built-In Dynamic Modes:
- Bring your room to life with 20 pre- set modes: flashing, fading, breathing, static, and more.
• Timer Setting:
- Schedule your lights to turn off when you go to sleep or let them wake you up in the morning.
• Endless DIY Color Combinations & Modes:
- Use your imagination to create and EJ save your favorite lighting settings & easily recall them whenever you want.

Each pack includes:
• 1 x LED Strip Lights
• 1 x Sync Cable (for syncing multiple strip lights)
• 1x Adapter (for Phone app controller)
• 1x Remote Controller
• 1 x Instruction Manual

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