Risk The Game of Global Domination Military Strategy Board Game Age 10+ Toy

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In this classic game of military strategy, you get to play the commander of cast units, a general of superior strategy and a tactician unlike any mankind has ever seen.You must lead your army across vast continents to launch daring attacks against your enemies. But watch your flanks, as your opponents will fight to capture your troops and claim your territories. Capture all 42 territories and you dominate the globe. Play the classic Risk game or play a variation called Mission Risk. In this version, you must complete the 4 mission you receive at the beginning of the game to win. Risk.... Leading the world in military trategy games since 1959.

  • Content: Gameboard, 5 Dice, Deck of 72 cards, 6 Sets of military units, Golden Cavalry, Instructions.
  • Storage Tray to store all 6 army and components in separate compartments.
  • Detailed Army Units Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry.
  • Golden Cavalry Token Marks card set reinforcements.

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