Plastic Colored Kids Hula Hoop Age 3+ Sport Toy

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True and proven, nothing makes smiles and giggles go like hoola hoops! 
while in the park, on the playground at school, or in the backyard. Thoughtful design is what separates our hoola hoops from all the rest.
8 separate hollow segments that are easily attached. This design allows you to adjust the size by fixing fewer pieces or increase the weight of the hoops by simply filling them with sand.
Ideal for gifts. Whether you're looking for party favors for your little one's birthday party, fun party supplies, prizes for a children's carnival or contest, or playtime toys.
students will enjoy, these colorful hoola hoops are guaranteed to be a hit!

Comes with 8 pieces each that are very easy to assemble

Product Diameter size : 65 CM

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